Sunday, May 9, 2010

"The Gamut" - tonight's playlist + interview!!!

This is a special night for The Gamut! I had the opportunity to interview Guitarist & founding member of Halcyon Way, Jon Bodan the other day, and now I'm broadcasting the interview for everyone to hear! Not only that, but you'll get to hear 2 new Halcyon Way tracks for their up-coming release! Jon's a great guy & this was a fun interview, so tune in & check out what he had to say!

Tonight's playlist!!!

Miseration - Perfection Destroyed (Melodic Death Metal)
Dance House Children - Mountain Boy (Synthpop)
Ascension Theory - Saturn's Rein (Progressive Metal)
Angelica - The Fire Inside (Commercial Metal/Hard Rock)
Castaway - Exposure to the Pain of Suffering (Death Metal)
ManufraQture - insane (Industrial)
Sardonyx - Voice of the Prodigal (Progressive Metal)
First Strike - Slow Poison (Hard Rock)
Daniel Amos - No Spaceship (New Wave/Rock)
The Blue Letter - We'll Cut Down the Trees and Name Our Streets After Them (Post-Hardcore)
Mankind - Hinndenburg (Sludgy Hardcore)
Wrench in the Works - Faith is a Virus (Noisy Metalcore)
Fall of Echoes - While I'm Alive (Progressive Hard Rock)

Halcyon Way - A Manifesto For Domination (Progressive Metal)
Halcyon Way - Blind Eyes to the Sky
Halcyon Way - interview segment 1
Halcyon Way - Deliver the Suffering
Halcyon Way - The Lonely Road
Halcyon Way - interview segment 2
Halcyon Way - Rise to Revise - The Gamut premier!!!
Halcyon Way - interview segment 3
Halcyon Way - The Age of Betrayal - The Gamut premier!!!

Walk the Sky - Castles in the Sand (Classic Metal)
Step Cousin - Hook Through the Lip (Thrash/Groove Metal)
Maugrim - Beast of the Swamp--Lurkers of the Deep (Black Metal/Ambient)
Dreamer - Cryin' (Commercial Metal)
Arnion - Fall Like Rain (Thrash Metal)
Within the Torn Apart - The Day of My Disaster (fire on vox.) (Drone)
The Throes - Fertile (Alternative Rock)
A Hill To Die Upon - Twin Heads of Vengeance (Black/Death Metal)
The Echoing Green - Like a Child (Synthpop)
Crimson Thorn - Eviscerate (Brutal Death Metal)

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