Sunday, May 23, 2010

"The Gamut" - tonight's playlist + interview!!!

Tonight's episode is very exciting!  First, I'm replaying an interview I broadcast several months ago with Colin Parrish, guitarist & songwriter for the new band Monolith.  Their debut album just came out on the 22nd of May, so it's a great time to share this with you all again!  Secondly, everything else you hear in the show besides the Monolith & Asher (Colin's former band) songs are new to The Gamut!  Some of it is brand new, other is stuff that's just new to my collection, but everything else is making its debut in The Gamut this evening!

Not only that, but tonight we have 2 CD giveaways - the awesome black metal assault that is Wintersoul, with their debut "Frozen Storm Apocalypse", plus the debut from Sullen Records artists Willow Mount, entitled "Vanitas"!

Tonight's playlist!!!

Hguols - In This Exchange Of Demise (Instrumental Black Metal)
Steve Yost - Petrafied (Hard/Classic Rock)
War of Ages - Eternal (feat. Sonny of POD) (Metalcore)
Pastor Brad - I Live (Hard Rock/Metal)
The Right Wing Conspiracy - Stepped On Your Toes (Grindcore)
Eternal Mystery - Visions of Black (Grindcore)
Ken Tamplin - Livin' For My Lord (Commercial Metal/Hard Rock)
The Lead - Oh No, Not Again (Female-fronted Hardcore Punk)
Wintersoul - Dawn of Ice Hearts (Black Metal) - CD Giveaway!!!
Alkemyst - Another You (Progressive Metal)
Impending Doom - More Than Conquerors (Deathcore)
Jacob's Trouble - Wild, Wild Ride (Rock)

Asher (CA) - Exhortation (Female-fronted Melodic Metal)
Asher (CA) interview, part 1
Asher (CA) - The Shadow Hour
Asher (CA) - Fallen
Asher (CA) interview, part 2
Asher (CA) - Paradox
Asher (CA) - Unavoidable
Monolith interview, part 1
Monolith - A Faithful Few (Symphonic Extreme Metal)
Monolith - Call of Wisdom
Monolith interview, part 2
Monolith - Chokehold
Monolith - Break the Cycle
Monolith interview, part 3
Monolith - Golgotha
Asher (CA) - This Burden

Take It Back! - Lost Generation (Hardcore)
Vindex - Far Down Under the Ground (Metal)
Willow Mount - Kingdom of the Night Owl (Black Metal) - CD Giveaway!!!
Sereiah - Devastating Daydream (80s Metal)
The Way Sect Bloom - Subsidize (Techno Industrial)
The Last Hope - Fabrication (Punk)
Soul-Junk - (gimel) the teeth (Indie Rock)
Corrosion Bath - Bile Infusion (Experimental Noise/e-Grind)
Rebelhead - Dreams (Groove Metal)
Elgibbor - Lord Inquisitor (Black Metal)
Philadelphia - Search and Destroy (Classic Metal)
Overture Divine - Only a Man (Progressive Hard Rock)
Mantric - Tower of Silence (Progressive Post-Hardcore/Metal)

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